I already have an A&P qualification

Once we have received a copy of your Anatomy & Physiology Certificate, we would send a copy to The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy (GPACT) to meet the pre-requisites.

Is it possible to apply for an adult student loan to do the course & if not please explain how much & how often instalments need to be paid?

To my knowledge, we have not had any student applying for a loan to attend our courses.

The installments are broken down into two parts.
An initial deposit of £564 plus VAT and the second payment of £900 plus VAT

For the Practical Internship, the balance of  £900 plus VAT (£1’080) would need to be paid at least 4 weeks before the 6-day practical internship

Finally, you would undertake the practical exam

How long does it take to complete the theory & then the practical parts of the course?

It’s at your pace and learning style.

The time will depend on how long it takes you to complete your Home Study. As soon as you have completed the Home Study, we would agree to set up the Practical Internship.

Is the exam multiple-choice question?

There are tests during the Home Study that you would complete. It is a combination of multiple choice and written answers. You don’t have to present a thesis.

How much is registration & certification after completion or is that included?

Application for GPACT membership more or less £135 (this can vary with the exchange rate as the fee is $150). Please see the link to the application form for membership.

How much is the cost of the equipment necessary to practice?

This would depend on whether you buy new or pre-owned equipment.

We offer new and pre-owned Colon Hydrotherapy machines and pre-heaters; depending on your business whether it’s a start-up or established high-end clinic we would be able to help including rental options for those wanting some support with managing cash flow.

Our website has details of the two models and what equipment is required to correctly set up and run a modern practice conforming to all the regulations
see – link.

How is waste disposed, is special plumbing necessary?

As every installation is different it’s always best to seek local plumbing advice – we are able to liaise and advise your plumber on what to do as required or complete the installation ourselves.

As a general rule, the waste pipework from the machine would connect to the buildings existing waste pipework layout with no specialist plumbing necessary.

Please check this link.

Please explain how support is given if starting your own business.

We would advise you on your marketing material, support setting up your website, Facebook page, promotions, pricing your packages and providing additional services such as enemas and supplements.

We also have a relationship with “Yes to Life” Cancer Charity where our therapists offer discounts to cancer patients. We can refer you to them so they can add you to their list of suppliers.

Why do I need Anatomy and Physiology to be able to start training as a colon hydrotherapist?

Colon hydrotherapy is complimentary to natural healthcare and suitable for:

  1. Those already trained in conventional medicine e.g. doctors, nurses, etc.
  2. Those who are graduates of a recognised body based complementary healthcare / beauty therapy course which must include in-depth anatomy.

If you have a current Anatomy and Physiology qualification and evidence of practice in a body based, medical or holistic therapy you will be considered for the training course.
Copies of certified evidence must be submitted prior to being accepted on the course.

We are able to arrange suitable A & P study and qualification to ensure you are fully prepared for the training programme details

How is the course broken down?

The course is broken down into four elements

Anatomy and Pysiology
FOU-1 (Home study)
FOU-2 (Course material)
FOU-3 (Six day practical)

Assuming you meet the Antomy and Pysiology criteria there are two payment stages
FOU-1 – £500 This acts as a deposit (non refundable) and enables the instructor to send out all home study materials (FOU-2)
FOU-3 – £900 Balance of the course and to be paid 14 days before six day practical begins

Courses are taught in English as standard but can also taught in French, Portugese, Spanish and Italian

What course materials and home study do I need to complete?

The home study section of your course is very important for the successful completion of the course.

The more conscientiously you do your home study course, the more you will get out of your practical week, and the better you will understand the needs of your future clients.

What does the six day practical programme consist of?

A typical day includes three hours of theory followed by roughly five to six hours of practical work. This is an intensive course but at the same time very enjoyable with minimal student numbers aimed to allow for personal attention
It is a practical course during which the students will receive the opportunity to give a minimum of twelve supervised colon hydrotherapy treatments on actual clients and take real life case study information plus experience at least two treatments themselves.

The course can be split over two long weekends (3 days each) and held three weeks apart.

On completion am I ready to practice?

The practical training is validated by a practical assessment leading to a GPACT certification. This certificate gives the student the minimum required qualification for seeking professional insurance and setting up their practice. In so doing they are ready to work and start earning.

Can you help with employment opportunities?

Yes of course depending were you are located in the UK we have a number of associate clinics looking to take on trained therapists at hours to suit making the transition to a full time career in colon hydrotherapy as seamless as possible.

We also have overseas clinics and spa’s looking for flexible trained therapists on a rotational basis.

I want to set up my own business?

Our training centre is part of Dotolo Europe Ltd. the UK and Europe’s leading supplier of Colon Hydrotherapy equipment which can be purchased outright, on terms 24/36/48 months or on hire, students also have ongoing practical help when setting up their clinics in existing or new premises and enjoy ongoing support with regular servicing of their machines.

Website design package
SEO search engine optimisation package
Marketing and promotional material

What are the next steps in my career?

The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy supports the concept of planned Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annually as a means by which our members can commit to continuous, lifelong learning, and professional development and advance the discipline of colon hydrotherapy.

There is a structured six stage career progression with each step not only developing your knowledge and skill set but also helping enhance your business with the ability to offer more detailed and specific packages for your client base.