5 trained colon hydrotherapists

Practitioner Training

The great thing about learning with us is the clear professional standards we provide along with the flexibility of the training courses;

Being modular they also enable continuous professional development at your own pace and help you decide how to develop your own business model.

The course offers not just the basic skills to become a colon hydrotherapist, but also seeks to develop a well-rounded awareness and expertise of a digestive consultant who can help clients improve lifestyle, diet and digestive management. Our course covers the overall social picture of health and diet.  We cover abdominal massage for effective colon hydrotherapy, use of probiotics, enzymes and other supplements.

We have the flexibility to provide courses according to the needs of our students and can deliver courses in other parts of the country and overseas by special arrangement.

The pre study course is broken down into bite-sized chunks, so you can learn at your own pace.

Changing your career can feel slightly scary, but when you know the right steps to take and start moving forward with the change, you’ll find things a bit easier. At Dotolo you will be taught by leading professionals with experience as therapists/clinic owners with their own successful practices.

Modules Included

FOU-1 Pre-course Study (60-80 hrs home study)
FOU-2 Colon Hydrotherapy (reference material only)
FOU-3 Practical Internship (6 days practical – 8 hrs / day)
702 Anatomy & Physiology (60-70 hrs home study)
FOU-4 Course Material
FOU-5 Practitioner Exam

Training / Basic Entry

  • 100 hour course with 20 hours additional pre-study.
  • Consists of three modules
  • Entrance admittance application completed with all supporting documents.
  • 1-3 students per instructor/training device and the courses have a maximum of 4 students and usually run them on 2 or 3 students so you get lots of individual coaching and attention.

UK Courses Run every Month

The course has a maximum of 4 students per class and there are up to two fully qualified trainers available for supervision and teaching.

For more information please follow this link.

We can also arrange weekend sessions Sat/Sun x 3 to suit your work/family commitments.

For two or more attendees friends/work colleagues etc we can also arrange course date/times to suit.

Suitable For

  • The course can be taken by anyone whether the person has a professional background in health or not as long as they are willing to undertake a distance learning course in Anatomy & Physiology; to demonstrate interpersonal skills and an ability to empathise with clients. Additional 1 day modules can be selected as on-going CPD for graduates.
  • The Foundation Level of colon hydrotherapy will equip the student to start working as a fully qualified colon hydrotherapist immediately.  The course covers professional organisations, insurance and business ethics and all aspect of machine supply, consumables and advertising are covered in this Foundation Course.
  • An internship of at least 48 hours is included in the course and students are required to practice on outside clients and perform a minimum of 20 treatments with complete case studies.
  • Graduates will be provided with all the information, contacts and mentorship to enable them to begin their business (or seek work with existing clinics) as soon as they finish the course.


  • Pre-requisites for enrolling are to have completed an Anatomy & Physiology qualification. Information on the training school, the curriculum and a Qualitfication Certificate will have to be provided.
  • Certificate will have to provided you completed this with,
  • For those who need to study Anatomy & Physiology, we offer a 4-week modular course option which costs £380 and is completed at home through, distance learning.
  • The FOU-1 enrolment deposit is £500 plus FOU-4  for all the course study materials £64. This is non-refundable.

Profile of Usual Applicants

  • Health and body care practitioners
  • Fitness instructors
  • Postgraduate students
  • Complementary Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Doctors

Financial Support:

  • Installment course payment plan available
  • Machine/equipment rental scheme available
  • Consumable discounts

Admission is Subject to:

  • Pre-assessment by the tutor
  • Anatomy and Physiology qualification
  • CV with all supporting documents

Fully Accredited:

  • The Global Professional Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Various membership levels from foundation to instructor
  • Access to professional liability insurance
  • Opportunities worldwide
  • Ongoing CPD and professional mentoring

Business Opportunities

  • Employment – we are in partnership with a number of clinics, centres and spa’s and would look at immediate placement opportunities.
  • Own business – we have specific mentoring and financial support programmes to help you get started.