Advanced Practitioner

Take the next step on your own personal development and learn at your own pace

This modular learning approach will be tailored to your individual needs, which means you’ll build on the skills and knowledge you already have – you won’t do anything you already know.

Modules Included

ADV-1 Introduction to Detoxification
ADV-2 Introduction to Gerson Therapy
ADV-3 Enema’s and Implants (1 day)
ADV-4 Juicing for Health (1 day)
ADV-5 Probiotics, Dysbiosis, Gut Flora and Kefir (1 day)
ADV-6 Fundamentals of Nutrition (1 day)
ADV-7 Practical Internship (3 days)

Training / Basic Entry

  • 50 hour course (over 6 option modules) with 20 hours of pre-study
  • Emphasis: in depth study of Anatomy and Pathology, therapy technique support
  • Multiple choice question papers
  • Intermediate Colon Hydrotherapy Professional Practitioner training manual – Exam questions and grading
  • Choice of five Speciality options one day tutored course (5) – 40 hours – 8 hours per module

Suitable For

  • Foundation level Colon Hydrotherapists

Admission is Subject to:

  • Having been a practitioner for at least 1 year
  • Having 3 letters of recommendations from employer and or clients/patients
  • Entrance admittance application completed with all supporting documents.1-3 students per instructor/training device