Two students of colon hydrotherapy training


Mentoring is not a replacement for the appropriate training. However, techniques without confidence will not fuel success and knowledge needs to be applied to be useful. Mentoring enables the practitioner to improve confidence in his/her abilities, to gain better understanding of the value and benefits of colon hydrotherapy and to identify marketing strategies suitable to his/her personality and goals.

Mentoring is tailored to the individual’s needs. It can be structured into weekly or monthly meetings and can be done on FaceTime for those who prefer not to travel or are too far to do so.

A mentoring session typically lasts 2 hours and will include in depth evaluations of goals, objectives, personality and timelines. Strategies will be discussed and, where appropriate, resources will be provided. Technique, case studies supervision, practice management, accounting, advertising are all typical topics which are covered during a mentoring session.

Sessions Available

MEN-1 Mentoring Session (up to 2 hours)