Colon Hydrotherapy Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner

To be recognised as among the very best of the best in your field.

Modules Included

MAS-1 PH Balance and Detoxification (1 day)
MAS-2 Diseases of the Digestive Tract (1 day)
MAS-3 Hormones and the Digestive System (1 day)
MAS-4 Practical Internship (3 days)


  • Emphasis: in depth study of Anatomy and Pathology, therapy technique support and increasing breadth of study to establish naturopathic approach and broad educational knowledge to help educate clients and treat holistically.
  • Master Colon Hydrotherapy Professional Practitioner training manual.
  • Exam questions and grading (8 hours)
  • Choice of two from Advanced Speciality modules distance learning modules (10 hours – 15 hours per module)
  • Three one day modules tutored course (50 hours) coursework and distance learning modules
  • 3 day tutored theory – master level exam Group discussions, case studies and presentations (8 hours)

Suitable For

  • Advanced level Colon Hydrotherapists

Admission is Subject to:

  • Having been a advanced practitioner for at least 4 years
  • Having 3 letters of recommendations from employer and or clients/patients
  • Entrance admittance application completed with all supporting documents.1-3 students per instructor/training device