Colon Hydrotherapy Coaching


Coaching and mentoring share many similarities so it makes sense to outline the common things coaches and mentors do.

  • Facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, lasting change.
  • Use questioning techniques to facilitate therapist’s own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions.
  • Support the therapist in setting appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.
  • Observe, listen and ask questions to understand the therapist’s situation.
  • Encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting personal growth & change.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the process, using objective measures wherever possible to ensure the relationship is successful and the therapist is achieving their personal goals.
  • Encourage therapists to continually improve competencies and to develop new developmental alliances where necessary to achieve their goals.
  • Manage the relationship to ensure the therapist receives the appropriate level of service and that programmes are neither too short, nor too long.

Sessions Available

COA-2 Coaching (2 hours)
COA-4 Coaching (4 hours)
COA-8 Coaching (8 hours)