FOU-3 Practical Internship



The practical module consists of six days of reviewing the theory, seminars, participating in a minimum of 20 colon hydrotherapy treatments with case histories, and experience at least two treatments themselves subject to contraindications and reflective practice.

The number of students is deliberately kept to a minimum to allow for personal attention. The Practical Module is marked on the basis of continuous assessments of the following skills and competencies:

  • History and the present day of colon hydrotherapy;
  • Understanding the Main Principles, Goals and Benefits of Colon Therapy (CHT)
  • Developing a good knowledge of Digestive Physiology, Diseases, Disorders, Contraindications, caution
  • Development and formation of stools, signs of health and disease in their stools;
  • Review of various types of colon hydrotherapy equipment;
  • Room set-up and supplies
  • In-depth understanding of the therapy and procedural aspects of a colon hydrotherapy session
  • Implementing the Code of Ethics for Practitioners: Responsibilities, Standards of Conduct, and Professional Practice
  • Implementing the Code of Practice for Practitioners: Professional Belief Systems, Operational
  • Principles, Professional Conduct – Rules, Boundaries and Limitations, Legal requirements
  • Practicing Safety and effectiveness of the colon Hydrotherapy treatment individualised in accordance with each client’s needs;
  • Hygiene and protection of client’s and therapist’s health;
  • Ability to use therapeutic touch, water temperature and flow to achieve an effective treatment;
  • Philosophy of Informing and helping: Ability to combine listening, talking and observation to determine and start removing barriers to healing;
  • Foundations of nutrition and healthy living.
  • Ability to design an aftercare programme that is based on nutritional and lifestyle adjustments as the first line of intervention

The final exam is based on the integration of the theory and practice.

Also includes

Business skills: Running a colon hydrotherapy business and therapist’s referral system;

Course manual, online support and mentoring during the first year of practice and correspondence feedback on homework


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